Zinc and Barite Properties


Targeted Commodity

Zinc and Barite

Property Size and Position

The land package consists of three (3) separate properties that collectively span 642.0 hectares. They are located in Quebec, near the US border and close to roads, power lines, and infrastructure.

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Net Ownership

100% Honey Badger


The Upton Property hosts the Robex Deposit, a polymetallic zinc deposit, open along strike and at depth, that is estimated to contain approximately 1 Mt @ 1.9% Zn, 0.6% Pb, 0.15% Cu, 13.5 g/t Ag and 46.5% BaSO 4 1 .

The Saint-Fabien Property hosts the Nicholas-Rioux #3 Showing, located 4km from the Mine Roy-Ross. The later has an estimated historical resource of 130 Kt @ 42.5% BaSO 4 (Juteau, 1962).

The Kamouraska Property hosts the Woodbridge Deposit that has been the focus of exploration efforts since the 1950’s. Work done in 1953, traced the main barite zone of the deposit over a length of 200 feet, a maximum width of 4 feet, and a depth of at least 25 feet (Bourret, 1953). The same study returned grades of 98.2% BaSO 4 . In 1988, metallurgical testing, conducted D. Cotnoir at the Centre de Recherches Minérales in Quebec City ,
returned grades of 93.5% barite and determined that, without treatment, the barite at Woodbridge met the specifications for the Oil and Gas industry. Furthermore, with with flotation and gravimetric separation, it met specifications for the glass and paint industry (Pronovost, 1989).

The reader is cautioned that no qualified person has done enough work to classify these historical estimates as current mineral resources or mineral reserves and the Company is not treating the historical estimates as current mineral resources or mineral reserves. As most of the historic core and drill logs used to estimate the historic resources of the Robex Deposit are presumed to be lost, the deposit needs to be entirely re-drilled and a new resources estimated to confirm the historic estimates.

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