Technical Advisory Board


Quentin Yarie, SIAST, CCI

Mr. Yarie is an experienced geophysicist and a successful entrepreneur with extensive project management and business development experience. He was previously the Business Development Officer at Geotech Ltd, a geo-physical airborne survey company, and a Senior Representative of Sales and Business Development for Aeroquest Limited. From 1992 to 2001, Mr. Yarie was a partner of a specialized environmental and engineering consulting group where he managed a number of large projects including the ESA of the Sydney Tar Ponds, the closure of the Canadian Forces Bases in Germany and the Maritime and Northeast Pipeline Project. Mr. Yarie currently serves as President and CEO for Red Pine Exploration Inc. and President and CEO for MacDonald Mines Exploration Ltd., both resource exploration companies headquartered in Toronto, Canada.

Jean-Francois Montreuil, Ph.D. INRS-ETE

Dr. Montreuil has over 10 years experience in defining and exploring complex hydrothermal systems related to precious and base metals in Canada. Since 2016, Dr. Montreuil held senior management positions with Red Exploration, MacDonald Mines Exploration and Honey Badger Exploration.  Dr. Montreuil holds a doctoral degree in Earth Sciences from INRS-ETE (Quebec City)  and master degree in Earth Sciences from Laval University (Quebec City).